Scene Safety Campaign

Scene Safety campaign

In recent months, Hypothetical Inc. has experienced several workplace accidents where bystanders have been injured by unsafe conditions as they tried to help at the scene of the accident.

In addition to ongoing efforts to reduce overall workplace injuries, Hypothetical has initiated an awareness campaign to educate the entire workforce on accident-scene safety in the workplace. 

Note: This case study describes a hypothetical project, to address a hypothetical problem at a hypothetical organization.  It was created for the sole the purpose of demonstrating the instructional design and related skills of the author.  All project artifacts and assets are the product of the author.  All project results described here are fictional.


During the past year, the rate of workplace accidents at Hypothetical Inc. has remained constant.  However, data shows that the number of injuries per accident has increased sharply.  

Review of the incident reports indicates that this increase is due to an uptick of “secondary injuries” – people who become injured while they are helping with the accident.  This occurs when people do not pay attention to their own safety first.

The “Stop. Think.” campaign aims to reduce the rate of these secondary injuries, and improve overall workplace safety, by training every employee how to safely help at the scene of a workplace accident.  


One year after roll out of the “Stop. Think.” campaign, the rate of secondary injuries is down by 30% over the year before the campaign.  

A survey of employees one year after the campaign roll out indicates that 60% of respondents believe they remember, and could perform, the response steps taught by the campaign if an accident occurred near them. 

The 40% of respondents who reported that they could not remember or perform the steps were offered an opportunity to repeat the active learning portion of the program.  Fifteen percent took advantage of the opportunity to refresh their knowledge.

Project Artifacts & Assets

Some of the artifacts and assets provided here are incomplete.  They are not intended to be a complete, ready-for-deployment training program.  Rather, they are intended as individual examples of my work for a specific aspect of instructional design and elearning development.