NYLT Course Evaluation

NYLT Course Evaluation

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a 6-day, immersive leadership course for youth members of the Boy Scouts of America.  The course is designed and developed by the BSA’s national training group and is delivered by volunteers at the local council.

The course design and development does not include any consideration for evaluation of learning. The Hawkeye Area Council NYLT team has added an end-of-course survey to gather some information but the survey is confusing and the information gathered is not particularly relevant.  By only using an end-of-course survey, there are many missed opportunities for gathering useful information throughout the course.


The goal of this project is to perform a more thorough evaluation of the participant experience to:

  1. Improve future delivery of the course by applying participant feedback with regard to their general satisfaction with the course.
  2. Understand the degree or level of participant learning to help identify opportunities for remediation (in the present) and areas to improve delivery methods (in the future).
  3. Understand the training impact to help guide post-training support efforts, and help tell the story of how the training is valuable to the organization.


The result of this effort is an analysis document describing the current state of learning evaluation, and the recommendations for improvements to learning evaluation. 

The above infographic summarizes the steps of the new evaluation plan to help training staff understand the materials and methods to be implemented.

Project Artifacts & Assets