ILT Developer

ILT Developer

The IDOL Courses Academy is heavily focused on design and development of eLearning. There is an opportunity to make the IDOL Courses Academy a more well-rounded program by expanding the curriculum to include lessons on design and development of instructor led training, virtual instructor led training and blended training.  

The IDOL Courses Academy ILT Developer course provides an introduction to creating and delivering instructor led training (and its variations).

IDOL courses Academy

A program for people who want to learn how to become an instructional designer and online learning developer. You’ll learn instructional design principles and the eLearning development tools you need to get an instructional design job.


Sponsored by IDOL Courses, the ILT Developer course builds on existing Academy lessons and eLearning development skills so as not to repeat or duplicate those lessons.  This course adds information and activities that are unique to (or better suited to) ILT.  The primary focus is to create lessons which help learners:

  • Determine which learning delivery method is best suited for different situations or desired outcomes
  • Identify or invent lesson activities that are suitable for synchronous delivery, various group sizes and various classroom settings
  • Design and create assets or supporting materials which are unique to ILT
  • Practice designing, developing and delivering a complete ILT course

Though the course topic is instructor led training, the delivery is a combination of eLearning methods (i.e. pre-recorded videos, animations and true eLearning modules) to support the asynchronous nature of the IDOL Courses Academy.

Since the course is self-paced, the total amount of time to complete the course is not specified. 


I created the course design and the full script.  

Voiceovers were recorded – I recorded VO for the “instructor” character.  Dr Robin Sargent – owner of IDOL courses recorded VO for the “coach” character.

Another developer, Deb Barnes, was recruited to create the Vyond animations.  Deb and I collaborated on creating the visual storyboard.  Deb created animations and also PowerPoint slide decks.  Both were provided to me as videos.

Using TechSmith Camtasia, I incorporated the PowerPoints slide videos, the Vyond animation videos and the voiceover recordings.  I produced the finished video.

Project Artifacts & Assets

Here is module 1 of the ILT Developer course.  It shows many of the video editing techniques used in creating the full course.